Alex Jones

Welcome Friends

Thank you for visiting my space on the web. It is my deepest desire, through my life, books, recordings, blog and web site to help you find and become established in meditation.

I have been on the spiritual path practicing and teaching meditation for over 40 years. During that time I have come to realize that in this school of life everyone eventually comes to a point where they realize that no worldly pursuits, or material desires and possessions, can give them the total fulfillment they are seeking.

Perhaps you are at this point in your life. Deep down you are looking for something that is more lasting --something you can always depend on that will never fail you. I have learned that the completeness we seek through other means can only be found in our soul and God through meditation.

It is my conviction that the most compelling reason to meditate and nurture the soul is to find the peace, intuition, love, joy, compassion, courage and the presence of God that resides within you.

The 'something else' that all people seek, consciously or unconsciously, is to be found in qualities of the soul that we already possess.

It is only by feeling and experiencing these qualities and outwardly manifesting them that the soul can be nurtured. Total satisfaction ultimately comes from a union with God.

If you resonate with this truth, I offer a multifaceted approach to help you find that ultimate fulfillment within.

If you desire a Christ-centered approach to inner communion or meditation I have created two books to assist you, Christian Meditation and Conversations With Christ. I also offer Christian meditation sessions.

If you prefer a more universal approach to meditation I offer a course that combines the teachings and meditation techniques of the mystics of East and West.

If you are seeking ways to manage your stress I offer relaxation classes and techniques.

Here on my web site you will find information about the Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Therapy sessions I offer. Please also feel free to explore the various books and recordings I have created as an aid to your spiritual unfoldment. You are welcome to listen to all the recordings I have produced.

I wish you every success in your spiritual journey and if I can help you in any way please let me know.



Alex Jones