Alex Jones

A New Spiritual Direction Awaits You

Every person is seeking love, understanding, wisdom, health, security and lasting joy. Those who mature spiritually come to realize that these goals can only be attained in their fullness from God and God alone.

This is a universal spiritual truth and the way of divine communion consists of eternal principles applicable to all human beings.

Each person however has a unique and special relationship with his or her Creator and so in one sense everyone follows a very individual and solitary path. The particular circumstances, trials, and lessons that each person receives will be uniquely their own in order to awaken their inner wisdom and realization of their soul’s perfect relationship with God 

As a certified spiritual director I can assist you in understanding your relationship to these universal stages of unfoldment and support you in your unique and special journey back to God.

If you are interested I offer individual and group sessions.
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My Personal Experience &
Introduction to Spiritual Direction

My first introduction to the necessity of a Spiritual Director (Companion) came from Caroline Myss, author of Anatomy of the Spirit. In her book she describes vividly how many, if not most people on their life’s journey come to realize that worldly pursuits are not going to offer them the ultimate happiness they crave. People begin searching for meaning, eventually coming to the spiritual path. The transition period from the material to the spiritual life can be frightening and intimidating eliciting strong feelings of loss of control. Caroline states that at this confusing time of transition everyone needs a Spiritual Director. A Director can offer support and confirmation that this transition period with its corresponding time of confusion is normal and then encourage a person in the right direction. With these words I decided to become a Spiritual Director.

In my own endeavors on life's path I have come to realize the necessity for Spiritual Direction in all phases of the spiritual life. As one develops spiritually the tests and challenges become more subtle endeavoring to strengthen us and bring out our immortal, divine nature. I have found that a Spiritual Director/Companion is an absolute necessity until the final emancipation in God is achieved.

Also now more than ever, spiritual aspirants need the help and support of a Spiritual Director. Today’s ultra stressful living makes it extremely difficult to keep our spiritual commitments.

Since there is no singular road map for our life’s journey - Spiritual Direction/and Companionship offer significant support during times of fear, loneliness and moments of darkness.

The ancient art of Spiritual Direction consists of a warm, caring and intuitive person helping another to recognize the presence of the Creator in their meditations, prayers and all life experiences.

Benefits of Spiritual Direction

• Help you to find more peace and joy in your daily life

• Teach you how to listen and receive the Divine’s unfailing direction and guidance within

• Guide you to discern which life experiences draw you closer to God and those that take you away

• Inspire you to develop spiritual practices of meditation and prayer to deepen your relationship with God

• Encourage you to recognize how God is always there for you, ever ready to direct and guide you

• Support you in whatever spiritual program is right for you.

Spiritual Journey Support Group

Meditation and spiritual journey groups have been an invaluable aid in my spiritual progress.

The Spiritual Journey groups I facilitate leads to a unique opportunity for meaningful spiritual companionship and support for spiritual evolution.

In group, you will have an opportunity to learn spiritual principles and express your ideas, concerns and feelings on spiritual subjects from spiritual practices, work, life, and relationships.

Group involvement fosters a sense of community - through the sharing of resonance to ideas, thoughts and feeling, providing deep enrichment to group members’ lives.