Alex Jones

You Are Magnificent

Rainbow over field

You are a piece of the Creator. The One Cosmic Source has made you out of Herself.

Being just like the One Creative Essence your job as an image of divinity is to remember that you are divine and holy. It is to know that you are complete within yourself. All that the Creator is resides in your own heart and each and every heart can claim the same divinity.

The Creator is all the love of all the lovers who have ever loved. Each piece of Spirit contains the full divinity of Spirit. In other words all the love of the cosmos resides in your heart and when you are liberated you will feel the full measure of that love and express it in your actions in the world.

Peace, joy and every other quality or attribute of Spirit comprise your eternal nature in its complete fullness.If you could fully experience this then you would realize that you lack nothing.

It is when you only focus on your tiny body and its sense perceptions and your limited understanding that you feel small. When you wake up and remember who you are then you will feel expanded and limitless.

So inwardly you can come to feel the grandeur of your cosmic expanded Self.

Outwardly you can express your divinity and in that state of consciousness the universe will attune itself to your aspirations.

In your divine Self you will be clear as to your purpose on earth and what you have come to express. When you are liberated you will realize that you are here to express the will of God and inspire others to realize their own divinity. When you realize who you really are then you will speak your truth in harmony with Cosmic Truth.

You will strive to live a life of balance of meditation on God and expression of God consciousness in your intentions and actions.

You will know all there is to know and express that knowing to inspire others to seek and love God. You will know that your divine consciousness is beyond time and space dwelling in the eternal now even while playing the game of creation.

You will know what unconditional love is and bestow this love in your love for the Creator and others.

You will feel that Bliss sustains you as you dwell in a state of ecstasy day and night.

You will experience a peace beyond all understanding and give that peace to all.