Alex Jones

The Key to Contentment

Rainbow over field

Have you found total contentment and satisfaction outside yourself? I am sorry to inform you that you never will. Perhaps the intuition of your heart has already offered you this liberating truth.

The universe was never designed to give us lasting happiness and contentment. In a world of duality and change we can certainly experience pleasure but as often as we seek contentment outside ourselves we will be deluded and disappointed. It will never happen.

I remember one of my meditation student’s commentating, “Alex, I finally understand what you have been saying and that we cannot find contentment in contrasts.”

For lifetimes we have been deluded in thinking, “ If I just had this or that I would be content.” So for lifetimes we looked outside ourselves for objects, people and circumstances in the quest for lasting happiness and total fulfillment.

What meditation will teach you, if you faithfully practice the art of going within yourself, is that you are already complete within yourself. Seeking the essence of what you have been striving to find outside yourself, you will come to find it right within your own heart.

We all want peace and as often as we look for it outside ourselves it will elude us. There will come a time in your meditative journey when you will begin to realize, “Oh the peace that I have been feeling is coming from my own heart within me, not from some external source.”

The love we yearn to feel can only come from within our own heart. Others may help you open the door of your heart but the love that you are feeling is coming from your own heart and with this realization you will come to realize you are in love with Love, the love welling from your own open heart.

Ultimately we are all seeking Bliss, the ultimate joy and happiness that can alone satisfy us.

When that Bliss comes as you continue your meditations over the months and years you will feel it within your own soul.

The true essence of your being is a soul that is using a perishable body to express itself in the world. The mind and body is like an outer package that contains the jewel of your diamond essence, “the soul or Self.”

You have a diamond essence that is pure and faultless.

When you transcend the limitations of your body and mind and cultivate the necessary stillness to experience your “soul or Self” you will find perfect freedom and realize that you have always been and ever will be complete in yourself.

The essence of love, peace and bliss dwells in the essence of your soul and when you feel that essence you will truly love yourself knowing that you lack nothing. You are infinite completeness.

You will know that you are not just a tiny body and a limited personality but that every sensation of the universe is your cosmic home. You will feel your oneness with everyone and will be able to love all unconditionally and equally. You will feel that everyone is within your cosmic heart. You will realize your oneness with the Creator knowing that you are made in the image and essence of the Source of All.

You are God consciousness and God made you just like Herself.