Alex Jones

Your Heart’s Journey

Woman jumping in heart shaped cave

Day 1

The essence of the Creator is Bliss and you were made from that essence.

Day 2

You are on a journey of the heart that will end where it began, realization that you are the essence of God.

Day 3

In your God essence are the qualities of love, peace, intuition, power, courage, beauty, self-control and humility and they reside in your heart.

Day 4

Since your essence is made out of the Creator’s being you can never be destroyed. Your consciousness will exist forever endowed with conscious awareness of your individuality and free will.

Day 5

Your essence is absolutely great and beautiful as the Creator made you magnificent by creating you out of Her own Being as Her divine child.

Day 6

You are precious and are a special, unique expression of God essence. No one can be you or replace you.

Day 7

The something else you are yearning for is already contained within your own heart. You only need to remember what you already have.

Day 8

The heart’s journey ends when you realize you already are the fullness of love and, rather than seeking love, your heart’s desire is to give love impartially and unconditionally to all.

Day 9

Whatever mistakes you think you have made can never tarnish your unchangeable God essence.

Day 10

Contentment is to be ever aware of your eternally loving and blissful consciousness and never separated from your innate glory.

Day 11

Before you were placed in creation you were resting on the bosom of Infinite Being, in awareness of your all-satisfying completeness.

Day 12

When you love your God essence and the God essence in everyone else with all your heart, soul, mind and strength then you are eternally free.

Day 13

You are perfect and your love is all the love of the cosmos, one with the Cosmic Heart.

Day 14

When you uplift your vibration and vibrate in resonance with Cosmic Love you will behold yourself as one with everything.

Day 15

At the core essence of your being you are infinite beauty and holiness.

Day 16

The unchangeable essence of your being can never be touched by the dualities and tragedies inherent in creation.

Day 17

Your God essence is completely and always joyous with no traces of sorrow or pain.

Day 18

When you smile from your heart you acknowledge the ever-changeless perfect essence of your being.

Day 19

The Creator has placed a yearning in your heart to help you seek and realize the divine glory that is you.

Day 20

Along with you, each and every human and creature is on the journey of the heart, going within to find to the cosmic home of oneness with all.

Day 21

When you love the Supreme Giver more that Her gifts then you will know and be one with the Cosmic Giver.

Day 22

The completion of your heart’s journey ends in oneness with All That Is.

Day 23

Your heart’s natural love yearns to love all beings equally as divine expressions of God.

Day 24

In your journey back to your Self you have worn many forms in the mineral, botanical, animal and human realms. You have a kinship with all things since you have been all things.

Day 25

When you wake up from the cosmic dream you will behold yourself as one with the Cosmic Dreamer.

Day 26

Your compassionate heart yearns to help all beings in the spirit of all-inclusive love for all.

Day 27

When you meditate and are filled with an inner joy beyond all other states of happiness you have found your eternal Essence.

Day 28

Your heart’s evolution advances quickly when it perceives that this creation was never designed to give the heart ultimate satisfaction.

Day 29

When your heart leads you to someone who knows their God essence then they will remind you and awaken you to your own God essence.

Day 30

The love you are seeking is the love of your own being that yearns to give itself to others.

Day 31

Your real Self is nothing less than God’s perfect child and natural heir, destined to be in full realization and enjoyment of your ongoing co-creation with God.