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Concentration Development for Students

Concentration Development for Students is an audio CD program that offers relaxation and visualization techniques as well as affirmation exercises to help students develop concentration and become more effective in life and enabling them to excel in their school work. These 2 remarkable CD’s deal with the following subjects:




Disc (1)

Track 1 Introduction

How did Robin Hood split the arrow or Babe Ruth hit so many home runs in baseball. The introduction explains how concentration ability can be acquired by visualization exercises (picturing a situation or an area in which a person would like to excel) and affirmations (positive thinking skills). The introduction then shows how these techniques can be used to develop concentration in school and how it can be a benefit for those with attention deficit disorder (ADD).

Track 2 Focus on the Present and Enjoy School Work

Learning is facilitated when there is a proper functioning of the neurons in the brain. The neurons processes information that comes in through the senses and then responds with the appropriate motor response. The first visualization exercise assists the student in picturing this process. They learn to see the brain and senses working effectively together so they can take in information, process it, and act upon it. A special exercise is also offered in the development of the students concentration ability by showing them how to live more in the present moment of time instead of dwelling on the past or future

Tack 3 Rebuilding Self-Esteem

The second visualization teaches how to remove stress and tension so as to create a peaceful state in body and mind. The exercise goes on to show how to create a special place of the students own where he or she can relax and be him or herself, define his or her goals and develop a healthy sense of self-esteem. This exercise can help promote confidence and good feelings about self. In addition to learning concentration, self esteem is extremely important for success.

Track 4 Developing Concentration in School

The third visualization helps the student to concentrate on preparing for school and being "with it" in the classroom, so that he or she will begin to find it easy to grasp lessons. It offers a way in which to best learn and then to further develop this ability.

Disc (2)

Track 1 Learning to do Homework Effectively

The fourth exercise is there to help with homework. It leads the student into creating his or her ideal study area and then seeing the homework being performed easily and effectively

Track 2 Concentration on a Favorite Activity

The fifth visualization is put in to help students with things they like to do. It will help them to concentrate, enjoy, and gain benefits from whatever they want to use it on. It will also help them to approach any subject that is difficult or boring and to see it in a new way so that it could even become one that they can be interested and do well in.

Track 3 Reviewing the Day and Learning From It

The sixth offering is given to show students how to review their day to see if there are any homework assignments they need to do, but may have forgotten to write down. This exercise will also assist in reviewing what has been learned in the classroom or in the school of life. They are encouraged to review their actions and to notice where they have done well and where they may want to improve.

Track 4 Setting Goals & Taking Pride in Accomplishments / Finding Inner Guidance and Support

The seventh visualization helps students to see where they can connect with feelings of pride in their accomplishments. This also gives them an opportunity to define goals and to visualize themselves accomplishing them and enjoying the rewards. The eighth visualization is offered so that students may become aware of a connection with their inner knowing in the form of an inner helper or advisor. They may then take their problems to this helper, thereby feeling and knowing that they can have inner support and guidance in their lives.

Practicing these exercises can increase ability to concentrate on and pay attention to the things they want to be better at. They will help them to relax and aid them in learning to have a more enjoyable and productive life.

You can enjoy these benefits

Learn the type of relaxation, visualization and affirmations used by world class athletes, actors and business executives to boost performance

Learn to concentrate and overcome distractibility

Rebuild self-esteem and confidence in learning

Learn more with less stress by developing imagination

Boost your academic performance

Parents and Teachers say the program helps in these ways:

Relaxes and calms students down

Helps students get along better with siblings and peers

Develops self-esteem, self worth and confidence

Enhances peak performance

Develops positive attitudes

Focuses students attention on goal setting and completing tasks

Provides effective homework strategies

Enhances and supports school curriculum

Helps students with Attention Deficit Disorder (A.D.D.,) learning disabilities, behavioral problems and special needs.

"This letter is to express our pleasure over the results of the visualization/concentration CD’s you developed to assist our students with Attention Deficit Disorder. Based on the observation of the staff in the Special Education Department and the reports of the students who took part, the project was a real success. Students report that the recording helped then 'to relax,' 'be less noisy and/or rambunctious,' or 'reduce fighting.' Staff believe that the students developed better self-awareness as well as an improved ability to plan appropriate responses to learning situations." Wayne Chalet (Head of Special Education Department) Kenner Collegiate Vocational Institute.

"I am writing to let you know that your tapes 'Concentration Development for Students' are excellent. I have been using them in my classroom for a year and a half now. My grade 7/8 students enjoy them immensely. The tapes create a peaceful, calm and relaxed environment. This helps maintain a positive atmosphere in the classroom. The students are becoming more focused on setting and achieving goals as well as raising their self-esteem. They are now aware of the support and guidance that are within which enables them to apply themselves in many areas of their life-from academic achievement to gaining self-confidence. The students are more enthusiastic about learning and they take pride in recognizing the wonderful talents and abilities they truly possess. They are becoming more creative, imaginative and intuitive. I feel these qualities are a wonderful addition to the basic skills taught in the classroom. My principal has visited my classroom on many occasions and she has experienced first hand the wonderful results. The rest of the staff is looking forward to your workshop this fall. I feel your tapes are some wonderful teaching tools that can be applied on a regular basis in the classroom alongside the regular school curriculum." Gabriella Rucchetta (Teacher), Lynn Tomasek (Principal) St. Conrad Catholic School

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