Alex Jones

Color Therapy

My book Seven Mansions of Color is a bestseller and is considered to be a classic in color therapy.

The book focuses on the qualities of the colors. By understanding these qualities you can use this knowledge and apply it to your wardrobe and environment. If you need dynamic power or warmth choose red. Draw on the cooling essence of blue when you want to relax.

Color and the chakras and the aura is also included. Explore the color possibilities in your life through Seven Mansions of Color.

Seven Mansions of Color

The deepest attunement I received to the creative flow of Spirit was in the composing and recording of Angels of Color and Sound. I felt the angelic energies flowing through my chakras and their healing gifts.

Meditate with me and feel your consciousness uplifted and expanded with the blessings of the Angels of Color.

Angels of Color and Sound