Alex Jones

You are a piece of the Creator. The One Cosmic Source has made you out of Herself.

Being just like the One Creative Essence your job as an image of divinity is to remember that you are divine and holy.

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Have you found total contentment and satisfaction outside yourself?

I am sorry to inform you that you never will. Perhaps the intuition of your heart has already offered you this liberating truth.

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Daily Affirmations

Day 1

The essence of the Creator is Bliss and you were made from that essence.

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Diamond Image

You Have a
Diamond Essence

You are already perfect. Meditation is the tool to remove the layers of mud covering your diamond essence or soul. ...more

Welcome Letter

Dear Friends: Thank you for visiting my web site. It is my deepest desire, through my life, books, recordings and web site to help you find and become established in meditation. I have been on the spiritual path practicing and teaching meditation for over 40 years. During that time I have come to realize that in this school of life everyone eventually comes to a point where they realize that no worldly pursuits, or material desires and possessions, can give them the total fulfillment they are seeking. ... .more

New Offerings by Alexander Soltys Jones

Journey of the Heart

Explore the stages of the heart and discover where you are on your heart's journey..

Christian Meditation

Meditate in the Christian tradition and follow Jesus counsel to find the kingdom of God
within you.

Meditation —
Where East and West Meet

8-step program to help you awaken your Christ-Like Diamond Essence, using Eastern and Western approaches.

Spiritualize the

Through inspirational meditations and visualizations you will learn how to spiritualize yourself and as a result help spiritualize your work environment.

Classics by Alex Jones

Seven Mansions
of Color

A best seller considered a classis in Color Therapy to help you to discover the transforming and healing power of color to enrich your life.

Kali's Dream

Peaceful Piano Melodies

Kali's Dream is so pretty you can close your eyes for your own dream......
OP Music Magazine

Angels of Color and Sound

In this life transforming color-chakra meditation the seven angels will awaken the spiritual energies within you.

Conversations With Christ

Inspiring messages from Christ to uplift you. Practice centering meditations on his word.

Music Offerings by Alexander Soltys Jones

Awake and Dreaming

Dreamy in nature, these simple melodies soothe the ache from your soul with a mellow blend of piano and synthesizer.


The flute and harp selections create a musical tapestry that is tranquil and yet uplifting.


Peaceful uplifitng music provides excellent inspirational and motivational music for creative endeavors

Peace Beyond Stress

A powerful relaxing guided meditation, to soothe away the stress
and tension of your
mind and body.